Why do graduate & part-time students have to pay a fee to participate in club sports?

All full-time undergraduate students (students registered for 12 semester hours or more) are required to pay a student service fee of approximately $700 per semester. A portion of this fee is utilized by the Niagara University Student Government Association (NUSGA) to support club sports. Other items covered in the mandatory student service fee include: use of the Kiernan Recreation Center (KRC), admission to athletic and theater events, health services and reduced fees for participation in programs sponsored by the Campus Programming Board.  Student who are registered for less than 12 credit hours and graduate students are not charged a student service fee. These students are required to pay for the services they wish to utilize. Graduate Student and Part-time student who wish to participate in club sports will be required to pay a semester fee of $100. This fee will allow students to participate in club sports and have access to the KRC. Payment of the $100 can be done on line at https://apps.niagara.edu/kiernan-membership/

If you have any questions about this fee please contact Derek Puff, Kiernan Center Director at 286-8055.