The Upstate New York Club Hockey League is an ice hockey league comprising smaller colleges and universities in Upstate New York. The league is based in New York state and has grown to Pennsylvania and Vermont. The league was founded by Andrew Musto in 2006 with the purpose of creating a league that is a low-cost alternative to higher cost leagues.

The UNYCHL is set up into two Tiers. Tier 1 consists of 20 schools (divided by region) that compete for the UNYCHL championship and potential regionals/nationals. 

 Tier 2 was established as a place for newer programs to develop along with those who want a place to play with less restrictions. There are currently 6 members of UNYCHL TIER2. They compete amongst themselves for a league championship. 

 The UNYCHL is not aligned with any specific national organization as each school has the right to compete in ANY national organization. For further inquiries about the league please email or contact one of our members from the staff tab.

Website of Upstate New York Hockey League: