Niagara Comes Up Short Against Ithaca

By Jordan Marrs

In a close match that started off with Niagara scores, Niagara Rugby fell to Ithaca with a final score of 21-17

Niagara just could not stay out of trouble with officials during the course of the game, receiving penalty after penalty. This ultimately was a big reason Niagara could not regain their lead after halftime.

Tries on the day for Niagara came from Josh Carey, Matt Coles, and with his first A side try (and start) Mahmoud Zeidan.

Niagara looked to storm back towards the end of the regulation, but their valiant effort came up just short to take the lead at the end of the match

Niagara is now 3-1 on the season and will take on Geneseo in their next effort.