Niagara Men's Rugby against Buffalo State

By Jonathyn Walters

 The A-side Men’s Rugby team began with a slow start due to penalties, but tries from Tyler O'Neal and Sean Kolb were able to turn it around before half-time. Trailing 13-12 beginning the 2nd half NU was knocking on Buff St's door and could smell the lead. With great defense, and tries from Kyle Morabito & Nick Battey, and a penalty kick from Josh Carey, NU was able to pull out a 29-13 victory in a well contested match.

 Conversions: Warren Solomon 0-1

             Josh Carey     3-3


Penalties:   Josh Carey     1-1




The brawlers came out with a chip on their shoulder competing hard, but falling just short of the Buff St. B-side with a score of 25-19.



 Brendan White

Deion Michael Zachary

Jacob Coogan