Women's Club Basketball Wins UB Tournament

Niagara Women’s Club Basketball ended the season on a high note by winning the University of Buffalo tournament that was played on Sunday, April 28th.  Participating teams included UB and Oswego.

Niagara stated off with a good win against Oswego with a score of 37-29. Niagara had control for most of the game. Niagara hit some crucial 3’s at the right time to keep a lead throughout the game.  The scoring was spread evenly across the board and it really was team efforts that lead to the win.

In the second game which was the championship game, Niagara was trailing UB for most of the first half.  At halftime coach Chris Cornier strategy of using NU's speed to get out on fast breaks lead to NU pulling away in the second half and winning the last tournament of the year by a score of 42-26.