As a member of the Amateur Athletic Union College Hockey (AAU) our team will support the mission of the AAU which IS:


AAU College Hockey prides itself on providing its student-athletes and member organizations with the most dynamic inter-collegiate hockey experience possible while fostering a culture of academic excellence, competitive integrity, and a "student-athlete first" organizational focus.

To provide a "players first" option for student-athletes to continue their competitive experience while participating in an alternative varsity level of inter-collegiate hockey.

AAU College Hockey is an association of accredited collegiate hockey conferences dedicated to maintaining a culture of academic excellence, competitive integrity, and a "student-athlete first" organizational focus. AAU College Hockey has identified the following as its Core Tenets.

  • Provide the most dynamic alternative, inter-collegiate varsity hockey experience for its student-athletes.
  • Develop a vision for the future of how to effectively grow and scale AAU College Hockey.
  • Evolve AAU College Hockey to align with members' competitive and academic needs.
  • Ensure that every member has a voice and vote.
  • Maintain full transparency on governance and operations.
  • Secure sponsorship and fundraising to add value and offset member costs.
  • Establish a culture of fiduciary responsibility by leadership to spend and invest wisely.
  • Include our members in evolving their inter-collegiate hockey experience.
  • Preserve broad lines of communication to keep members informed.
  • Develop proper alignment of board governance and executive management.
  • Expand competitive standardization, competitive integrity, and competitive structures, including the AAU National Championship  Tournament structure to expand access and opportunities to more member programs.


 For more information on the AAU you can visit their web site at